Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Bury me under six feet of regret

T-shirt: KTZ Platforms: UNIF Mary Janes

I wrote a detailed text post but lost the whole blog post and have had to start again oh my gosh the frustration!!! Basically this is part 1 of a shoot I did with some buds from Fashion Styling & Communcation! More to come soon! :)

Friday, 18 July 2014

Sing along mocking bird, you don't affect me

Vintage dungarees: Rokit Hoodie: Dirty Harry Vintage Dr Martens: hand-me-downs
Over-sized velvet jacket: charity shop Nirvana T-shirt & alien necklace: eBay

Photography by Melissa Arras.

Hey guys! Here are some medium format shots my uni friend Melissa shot of me around the Portobello area of London on 23rd Feb. It was really fun shooting this, we had various different denim items for the shoot (ones labelled are mine and the rest are hers) that was based around the subject of a denim campaign. Unlike the weather that we're having now, back then it was quite chilly which came to our advantage as the wind has brought my hair to life in some shots, which I do rather like! I've only ever shot on medium format briefly in the studio at uni before, and that was digital, but shooting with Melissa that day really inspired me to get going with medium format on film when I go into my second year. We can rent out the cameras for free so really there should be nothing stopping me! I'm so looking forward to getting taught about how to use those cameras again when I start back, even though I've been taught before, my memory needs refreshing!


Daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love 
What can I say, she's cool as fuck, amazing style, and I want to steal her alien t-shirt...

You can follow Frances on Twitter here.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Catch a moth, hold it in my hand

 Jumper: Lazy Oaf Dress: Topshop Vintage Dr Martens: hand-me-downs

These photos were taken against one of the cool nearby locations I spotted when I first came to London for uni and thought 'ah that would be a cool backdrop for outfit photos!', so finally I have gotten round to shooting at least one look infront of it :') This jumper is another piece I bought back in a Lazy Oaf sale, I love the design and the pops of red, it's also super comfortable and soft on the inside! I also like how it's cropped so you can put it on top of dresses and such without hiding much of the dress, like a lot of jumpers would do.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

London Fashion Week Day 3 Outfit

Dress: Lazy Oaf Vintage jacket: charity shop Mary Jane Platforms: UNIF Sunglasses: Primark

Last February London Fashion Week blog post! This was the last day of lfw I attended and wow this outfit got the most attention of them all, so many people snapped me in my beloved bones dress that I bought back in a Lazy Oaf store sale for only £10, such a bargain considering it would have been £65. I love to wear this dress on a night out but it's also fun to dress it up casually for the day, like here in my oversized jacket, teamed with these platorms that are like a size too small and killer to walk in! I bought them online so didn't know my size would fit my feet so small :( Originally I was going to take them back and swap them for a size up but I couldn't resist wearing them for fashion week so there goes that idea... ha! Literally towered over everyone in these as I'm 5'9" and these add an extra 5 inches! Crazy. Anyhoo I hope you all like it!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

London Fashion Week Day 2

  Vintage Levi jacket: charity shop Vintage shirt: Rokit Vintage
Vintage Levi Shorts: Camden Vintage Dr Martens: hand-me-downs

So here's what I wore day 2 of fashion week! Not really much to say about this outfit, just something I threw together again, pretty casual with plenty of vintage :-)

Below are a few photos I took from the Wolf & Badger Show. The last one is myself and Proudlock from Made In Chelsea whome I spotted there :D Enjoy!


Tuesday, 27 May 2014

London Fashion Week Day 1 Outfit

Photo credit for this image: Motel Rocks Blog
Vintage jacket: Portobello Market Dress: Motel Rocks
Hoodie: Dirty Harry Vintage Scarf & Dr Martens: hand-me-downs

So this was my outfit to Day 1 of London Fashion Week 14/05/2014. I had to wrap up because of the cold and rain and at first wasn't that keen on the clashing prints and didn't want to be wearing this scarf with this outfit, but when looking back at the photos, I actually don't mind it ^.^
But yeah I don't know why the first few photos have a yellow tinge on here, the files aren't actually like that but hey-hoe...

Here's a pic from the day with Kayla and Leanne 

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