Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Cyber Alien

JUMPER: Ragged Priest DRESS: Lazy Oaf SCARF: Topshop
NECKLACE: Bay BAG: Killstar DR MARTENS: Vintage

Hey guys! Here is another outfit I've been meaning to post for some time now. These outfit shots were taken on the last day of LCM back in Jan (hence the scarf) after shooting some street-style of people that were in the que to one of the shows. It took me forever to find the location so by the time I'd got there I had about 5 minutes to shoot before everyone was skipping ahead to go inside! Despite this though it was fun being the model around central with one of my best friends, and getting back into the swing of shooting outfit looks seeing as I've barely done any recently.

Bringing this Killstar bag with me on two LCM occasions I drew various amount of attention for it, and by no means was this deliberate as I was there purely to just take photos and not be photographed haha. Nethertheless I posed with the bag for a couple photographers whose eyes it caught. I can't blame them for wanting to photograph it however, as if it were me spotting someone have this bag for the first time never having seen it I would definitely want to photograph them as I love it so much!! It's definitely one of my favourites and I was so so happy when I saw it in the sale, I totally raced to buy it, making sure I wouldn't try purchasing it before it was too late!

Monday, 29 June 2015

London Fashion Week SS15: Street Style

Olivia Emily
Cristina Criaco
Amy Valentine
Arabella Golby

You be the moon, I'll be the earth


Hey guys! I've not blogged in almost a whole freaking year it's crazy, but I've decided I want to start posting again as I've got a bit of free time on my hands now I'm done with second year and don't feel like I should be doing work or what-not. Nah but in all honesty it's not just uni work thats kept me away from blogging, I've also been without a laptop in what seems like forever. It was at the repairers for months on end before it finally got fixed, sigh. Don't you just hate technology sometimes.

2nd photo credit to the Daily Mail.

This outfit I meant to post so long ago, it's from two London Fashion Week's back! I went along with Cristina and got to reunite with some of my lovely other blogging friends such as Olivia & Arabella. Picture credit shout out to Francesca whome I met there! Thanks for the shots ;)

Monday, 8 September 2014

LondonEdge Fashion Trade Show

Le Keux Cosmetics
W/ Shelly d'Inferno and Aleshia Jane
Shelly d'Inferno
Manic Panic
Kent Kaliber
Charlotte Moran
Hatti Rex
Kreepsville 666
Kreepsville 666
Kreepsville 666
Yesterday I attended LondonEdge's 30th Fashion Trade Show, here are some photos from the day with items that caught my eye! Amazing stuff for 'The New Alternative'. The whole trade show reminded me of Camden but with so much MORE. Plenty of retro and gothic clothing which I naturally drooled over. As you can see from the last few images I especially loved Kreepsville 666, their items are so cool and unique! I want everything they have *.* Makes me also want Halloween to hurry up please!!

Monday, 25 August 2014

You're looking rough and living strange

EARINGS: Brighton Lanes T-SHIRT: Primark SKIRT: Charity shop
JUJU JELLY SHOES: Topshop BRACELET: was a gift

Just a very casual slouchey outfit, not much to say about it! Still really ill so this is the last outfit I took photos of before I got this gross cold which I now think is the flu... fun! Just been taking it easy and relaxing with the cats, my coffee has yet again gone cold because of making a blog post, I should really stop doing that! Anyhoo ciao ciao, hope you like xx

Friday, 22 August 2014

Bad nights cause'n teenage blues

SUNGLASSES: H&M CHOKER: Claire's Acessories SOCKS: Topshop

First off, a huge thank you for my present that is this awesome cut-off vintage shirt from Blitz Vintage that my wonderful best friend Cristina (Chrissy Chrispy) got for me once I picked it out in the store she works at around my birthday time in June, I love it! Because of the way its cut I presume it used to be a baggy long-sleaved shirt as the sleaves are quite stringy and obviously cut - totally adding much edgyness ;) And because it's quite oversized it just makes it so easy to layer on top of things too which is great. Sometimes I'll wear it open with a cute crop-top underneath and it really can just make an outfit I think! The choker was also a gift from another best friend of mine, it didn't fit her neck and considering mine is abnormally tiny it fitted mine and yay! It's awesome.
So I think I've done this shoe and sock combo a few years ago on a blog post *bows head in shame*, I came across it kind of recently when searching for myself on Pinterest haha! You can view that here. Speaking of Pinterest if anyone would like to follow me on it, my account is pinterest.com/isabellabarter :-) My Clothes/Shoes/Acessories Board has items to die for *_*

Hope you're all keeping well and enjoying the Summer!

Much love xx

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